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Training courses


Get the best out of your equipment and avoid unnecessary risks with our training courses.

The handling of specialized industrial machines requires a minimum training that guarantees the best result and avoids unnecessary risks for the operator.

In BIOTHEC we care that our clients receive specific training in:

  • Handling of the equipment, use of nozzles, work pressures, suitable ice and air flow rates, etc.
  • Prevention of personal risks related to the activity.
  • Primary maintenance of your equipment.

The result of a well-trained operator translates into finished work with the best quality and efficiency which translates into profitability. We care about training about any possible risk that the activity may entail and how to avoid it and we avoid unnecessary expenses for our customers in the technical service helping the operators to perform the routine maintenance of the equipment.

At BIOTHEC we accredit Cryogenic Cleaning Operators as Dry Ice Blasting Technicians.

We also offer you a study of personalized closed budgets for your work, providing estimates of times and amounts of 100 % reliable dry ice. Find out more about our demonstration days and concerted seminars.

Contact us and we will inform you.