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We are a company in the field of engineering located in the vicinity of the NATIONAL PARK OF DOÑANA that operates in the market since 2007. We belong to the commercial network of the Swiss multinational ASCO CO2. Our commercial scope covers Spain, Portugal and North Africa and our activity is mainly centered around CARBON DIOXIDE in terms of its recovery, storage, transformation and applications.

The seriousness and respect for our customers are guaranteed by more than 130 years of experience of the ASCO CO2 brand and by a qualified highly specialized technical team aware that the services we provide in BIOTHEC do not end with the sale of our products.

We are proud to have the recognition and respect of the main gas companies operating in Europe, as well as a prestigious portfolio of unconditional clients that range from large multinationals of all industrial sectors to the most demanding self-employed.

True to Credo: "All about CO2" of ASCO CO2; BIOTHEC offers you the best range of products recognized worldwide and endorsed by the most demanding customers. Sale of Dry Ice Online (Carbonic Ice) at unbeatable prices and without having to worry about shrinkage in your order and a package of services offered by the best professionals in rental of Cryogenic Cleaning equipment and producers of Dry Ice, valuation and realization of Cryogenic Cleaning works, as well as Technical Service for maintenance and repair of Cryogenic Cleaning equipment and Dry Ice Pelleting.