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Cryogenic cleaning budgets


Our subsidiary POLARLIMP offers you professional CRYOGENIC CLEANING services.

You may need to apply dry ice blast in a circumstantial manner. Our subsidiary POLARLIMP puts at your disposal the best professionals, moving them to your facilities or through our fixed points of application.

POLARLIMP is qualified to perform any CRYOGENIC CLEANING work without limitation of equipment or necessary means. POLARLIMP adapts to your needs as we work in any time zone and any day of the week including holidays.

  • - We study budgets at a closed cost through photographs.
  • - Availability of as many equipment as necessary for the application.
  • - Own production of dry ice.

If you prefer, you can send any type of part, machine, motor, etc. to our facilities. We provide you with a previous estimate through photography.

We carry out continuous application studies for loyal customers.

We carry out customized Budgeting studies for our clients with estimates of times and dry ice amounts of 100% reliable. Find out more about our demonstration days and concerted seminars.

Contact us and we will inform you.