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ASCO CO2 By-Product Recovery Plant

ASCO’s innovative CO2 gas recovery technology turns your vented by-product gas into profitable CO2.
Be it from an alcoholic fermentation process, other industrial sources (e.g. ammonia or ethylene oxide production) or natural sources, ASCO finds your individual CO2 recovery solution.
ASCO By-Product Recovery Plants (BPR) can facilitate the alcoholic fermentation process, or other industrial sources (e.g. ammonia or ethylene oxide production) or natural sources. We work with you to create your individual CO2 recovery solution.
Learn more by downloading our leaflet on CO2 recovery: CO2 By-Product Recovery Plant (BPR)
Key Features of ASCO By-Product Recovery Systems
- ASCO By-Product CO2 Gas Recovery Systems enhance the overall concept for your CO2 recovery with the following key benefits:

- ASCO CO2 Gas Recovery Systems can be applicable to a variety of sources

- Our advanced technology is strategically positioned offering lowest cost production/ton

- The environmentally friendly technology – gas scrubbing, purifying, drying-eliminates chemical treatment and handling and offers overall reduced effluent and cost savings/ton

- Totally automatic process – plant operations and liquid CO2 tank farm management

- The ASCO CO2 Gas Recovery System achieves liquid CO2 purity of 99.998% from an inlet CO2 gas source purity as low as 98.5%

- Final liquid CO2 quality exceeds international food and beverage standards.

- Capacities available from 285 to 20'000kg/h (628.32 to 44'092.45lb/h) (other capacities on request)
The Process
The high-purity source with a CO2 concentration of > 95 % is the base for a high-economical CO2 production. Depending on this source, the CO2 requires certain types of purification before it is compressed and liquefied to become ISBT quality and is then stored in a designated tank.Plant construction is from carefully selected premium materials in order to meet the superior quality of our plants. These plants are designed in close collaboration with our customers and are focused to be extremely efficient and economical, thus reduce operation expenses and increase productivity.

We support our customers building up their CO2 business and are pleased to also provide advice on CO2 storage, supply various CO2 ancillary equipment or complete the CO2 production with a dry ice production. Furthermore, we offer solutions for the pressure treatment and ph neutralisation.