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PH Neutralisation with CO2

Wherever you need to have an exact quantity of CO2 gas to be dosed, the ASCO CO2 Gas Dosing System is the ideal solution.

Typically, the ASCO CO2 Gas Dosing System is used together with water desalination plants. The pH value of desalinated sea water is kept neutral by adding dosed CO2. This CO2 dosing combined with the addition of mineral salt is an important factor in the preparation of drinking water from seawater.

ASCO also offers complete solutions for CO2 dosing projects: ASCO CO2 dosing systems are delivered completely with CO2 dosing, CO2 storage tanks, atmospheric CO2 vaporisers and all other necessary equipment. As per customer's requirement, ASCO includes static mixers or a complete gas dispersion system in order ensure a reliable solubility of the CO2 gas in the customer's main stream water. Each system is customised and requires detailed engineering. ASCO CO2 Dosing Systems are equipped with an interface to easily connect them to the main control of the desalination plant.

ASCO also takes care of your CO2 need: On the one hand with plants to recover CO2 as a by-product from other processes. On the other hand, in countries where desalination plants are used, often CO2 is not available as a by-product from other industrial processes. In this case ASCO offers CO2 production plants producing CO2 from diesel, kerosene or natural gas.

We support our customers with their ph neutralisation and are pleased to also provide advice on CO2 supply, CO2 production and or CO2 storage, furthermore, we are in a position to supply various ancillary CO2 equipment.