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ASCOJET 2008 Combi Pro

The ASCOJET 2008 Combi Pro is ASCO's most powerful dry ice blasing unit which allows the use of an additional blasting material in the dry ice stream and therefore offers the best combination of gentle cleaning with dry ice pellets and the additional abrasive effect of a carefully selected additive.

Due to its cleaning performance of up to 20 bar (290 psi) blasting pressure the ASCOJET 2008 Combi Pro even covers the highest expectations of the high-end-segments.

Operators extensively benefit from flexibility thanks to the possibility of using the dry ice blasting unit also with a one-hose-system.

Options and accessories of the Dry Ice Blasting Unit ASCOJET 2008 Combi Pro are listed on the product leaflet (download PDF) .

- Weight empty: approx. 89 kg (196.2 lb)
- Blasting pressure with additive: 4 - 8 bar (58 - 116 psi) (adjustable)
- Blasting pressure without additive: 0 - 20 bar (0 - 290 psi) (adjustable)
- Blasting pressure 2-hose-system: 0 - 20 bar (0 - 290 psi) (adjustable)
- Blasting pressure 1-hose-system: 0 - 10 bar (0 - 145 psi) (adjustable)
- Dry ice consumption: 30 - 100 kg/h (66.14 - 220.46 lb/h) (stepless)
- Additive consumption: approx. 30 kg/h (66.14 lb/h) (depending on blasting pressure)

As a provider of complete CO2 solutions we offer a comprehensive product range in the field of dry ice blasting.
We are always striving to find the best possible solutions for our customers and to develop customised products, individual automation or other special projects.

Of course, we are pleased to provide our advice and experience in regards to dry ice production or dry ice storage and also supply various ancillary dry ice equipment such as our CO2 Gas Detector.

Download PDF     ASCOJET 2008 Pro